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Are you ready?

So here it is.  My first blog. Something I never. Ever. Like ever. Thought I would be doing.

But after almost two years of doing my LIVE Coffee with Carla daily on Facebook (every day at 9AM EST peeps) I have heard the demand for this.  So here I am. Humbly.

I am going to do my dang best to create a blog that is authentically Carla and that serves YOU in your quest to show up your best dang self in life. Because isn't that ultimately what we all want?

To break away from fear.  Of failure. Of judgement. Of rejection.

To break free from the lies.  That you are not worthy. Not valuable. Not enough.

Because the truth?

Is that you are so worthy.  Incredibly valuable. More than enough.

Created with so much purpose - and ON PURPOSE.

Yes.  I do believe there is a real force that works against us, trying to keep us small.  Broken. Hiding.

But do you know what else I believe?

That this force is nothing compared to the power and the potential lying dormant in you.

Sure, you may not believe that’s true.  Because you have been stuck in your self-limiting belief system for so long. So long in fact it feels natural. You don’t even recognize it.

When the lies that have been spoken into our subconscious - either in childhood by a parent, in high school by a bully, or whispered into your ear by the devil himself- take hold, they develop into the very belief system through which we see the world.  We experience the world. We show up in the world.

And I’m here to tell you - hopefully to SHOW you - that a belief system that has you living anything but your best-life-in-progress is not worth its weight in salt.  Or in chocolate covered almonds.

So how do you break free of the lies that have gripped your life?

Well for starters, you acknowledge that they are there.

So many of us sweep these thoughts and feelings under the proverbial rug - somehow believing that acknowledging their existence will make them more true and more powerful.


Lies kept in the dark gain strength.  It’s only when we shine the light on them do we start to take their power over us away.  Like Superman’s kryptonite.

Next, you need to press into community.  Being relational is in our DNA afterall. We are meant to do life together - peaks, valleys, bad haircuts and all.

It’s knowing that we are not going at it alone that gives us courage. It’s linking arms with others that helps us grow in strength.  It’s embracing vulnerability that makes us powerful.

Then?  You need to give those lies their walking papers.  Seriously evict that crap.

And it’s not enough to speak up against them just once.  You need to treat them like an invasive weed species.

Uproot them.  Fertilize the soil with good nutrients. Plant life giving seeds.  And cultivate the heck out of them. Every. Single. Day.

So buckle up.  We are about to go on a ride together.  Some of it will be bumpy. Some of it smooth sailing.  And hey - some of it may be about finding the perfect shade of red lipstick.  

Because why not?

But all of it?  A wonderful journey towards who you are meant to be.

Are you ready?


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